Saturday, December 29, 2012



I'm impressed but need to see more. I understand that this team is showtime, I understand that points come easy and in a hurry. Blake on the break is a for sure two points just as well as Lebron.
Its something I cant put my finger on to say, it isn't rings at the end of this streak.


For the whole month of december they havent played anyone, the only game I've seen to be worthy of an applause was against the Rose-less bulls.The month of december was the greatest gift given to the Clippers. They also get a New Years gift because they don't play a quality playoff picture team until the January 2nd and that match up is fairly easy for Chris Paul and company.
The biggest thing with me and the Clippers is they have to beat somebody worth talking.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012



The return of Steve Nash is what they needed regardless of how poor the defensive end was.It absolutely picked up when Nash put the whole team at a solid pace they where comfortable with. As of last night, im going to say this right now Pau Gasol isnt going anywhere.Kobe Bean Bryant can score 30 everynight at this pace, Steve Nash is making Metta World Peace a threat as he did with Shawn Marion. Dwight Howards moral is up so he going to pick up his points, rebounding, free throw percentage up.Meeks is just waiting to errupt.
This Laker team all year was just trying to figure out how to play and where guys best fit. Why wouldnt anyone in they right mind wouldnt believe their defense wasnt going to get better, they held a 102 point per game team to 94 points. They average 102.5 theirselves, do the math and thats a win every night of the week


Tuesday, December 25, 2012


26 points 5 rebs 6 assist on Christmas Night vs Bulls


10 first quarter points and the team feild goal percentage of 56.1% by the end of the game.
This Rocket is perpared for lift off. Houston is running the floor, pushing the rock, rebounding, around 40% from deep and putting up a whole lot of buckets.
It starts with James Harden, So if you shut him down problem sloved right? No!
Its to late this whole team in comfortable and is buying in and not taking no for an answer. J. Lin has picked up his scoring at a massive level while maintaining the court vision. Asik is playing perfect 20(points) 10(rebs) big man ball in a big way. Parsons major lift for being another dead on hot hand from the arc and running creating break opportunities for easier baskets. Morris getting the job done when his number is called on either side of the ball.

Its fairly early and theres plenty more to be said and done. How much better can the Rockets get?


Is one of the best games of the night without watching the next three. Only because of with Steve Nash, remember this name.
Nash's vibe vibrated all over the court, small body frame but his presence was felt on every screen opening up Metta World Peace early. He had Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol in the right position at all times.
While Kobe Bryant just picks where on the floor he wants to shoot from.
Steve Nash gets plenty of criticism on how he brings nothing to the defensive end, because how in sync the offense was the defense came by second nature.

Lakers 100 Knicks 94

However the key was limiting the paint, easy lob passes and offensive put backs by Chandler. There is absolutely no answer for Anthony and Jr. Smith but to slow them down and weather the strom of raining three's.
The lakers play through that very well, didnt let that affect their game plan not even a lil bit and just play championship basketball. DEFENSE AND REBOUNDING 
Got to see more games like this coming from La La Land 

New Look Lakers???


Is this the best look against Knicks?? What does D'Antoni have in mind??



Can Deron Williams bring the gifts?

 Deron Williams need to step his level of play because of the struggle of late. Only shooting 39% from the floor, this just isnt gonna work and its gonna be the battle of the point.
I just see a boston team thats goona win games but no win it all at the end. they just need a lil bit more then what they have, maybe a point that can score and pass the rock.
Boston is really on their last and Brooklyn can only go but up. Joe Johnson is slowly becoming a threat and Blatche is playing well.
I dont see boston winning this Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Is it the Name or his Game?

Lebron James hasn't committed a foul in 5 games!
Is this good Defense or No Defense? 
Or is it because his name is the King, "KING JAMES" 
Is he above the whistle? I always thought when you at least have a foul you know who's playing defense and that player presence is felt on the court. Unfortunately Lebron James found a way to affect shots without putting a hand up, or forcing turnovers without getting his hands dirty.
But I'll tell you this. 
I'm not trying to hear this after Christmas then I know something.


Don't like it over there?!

I was watching the Philly game yesterday and I couldn't help but notice how unhappy Jason Richardson looks over there, Can the lakers land him?

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Lets be honest here is their really a wrong answer but somebody has to win though. Ill tell you this much OKC puts up more points per game, knocks down free throws at an higher percentage and out rebound the Heat offensively and defensively.
Is this enough to place all bets on the thunder??? will KD out play Lebron???
Im going to go with the Heat for this one because i think the thunder just lacks that toughness.
Im giving the heat a 10 point win 

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Wild Guess

Lets start off with Steve Nash is back and lead the Lakers to a victory, much needed victory to turn things around.
We all know it was a close game and Steven Nash might not be the answer to the defensive issues. However if this offense was thru the roof before his return then the other teams defense is about to have a problem too.
I live in New York but my favorite player is Kobe Bryant and today is christmas eve, which means the laker and knicks game is the number one game to watch.
we know Steve Nash cant graud Raymond Felton, however if Felton cant; im giving this game to the lakers.