Tuesday, December 25, 2012


26 points 5 rebs 6 assist on Christmas Night vs Bulls


10 first quarter points and the team feild goal percentage of 56.1% by the end of the game.
This Rocket is perpared for lift off. Houston is running the floor, pushing the rock, rebounding, around 40% from deep and putting up a whole lot of buckets.
It starts with James Harden, So if you shut him down problem sloved right? No!
Its to late this whole team in comfortable and is buying in and not taking no for an answer. J. Lin has picked up his scoring at a massive level while maintaining the court vision. Asik is playing perfect 20(points) 10(rebs) big man ball in a big way. Parsons major lift for being another dead on hot hand from the arc and running creating break opportunities for easier baskets. Morris getting the job done when his number is called on either side of the ball.

Its fairly early and theres plenty more to be said and done. How much better can the Rockets get?

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