Friday, February 22, 2013

MVP MVP! Tony Parker??

I know one thing Lebron James is playing like a mad man. Well in that case so is Tony Parker all 20 pounds of him. We talked about Lebron last ten games. However, Parker's last ten games average out to be 27 points, 8.7 assist and shooting 61% from the floor. Isn't this Lebron like numbers and if so doesn't this place him in 2nd place for the MVP race?
What about the best point guard right now, Would you say Tony Parker or Chris Paul? This question is still hard to judge because I clearly see that Tony Parker has the better team but the better point guard is still yet to be determined. I can say that Chris Paul has the overall toughness over Tony Parker. However Tony Parker has the quickness over Chris Paul, has the basic fundamentals, perfectly sound going to the basket and just simply getting his teammates involved.
It will be extremely hard trying to stop the Spurs because they're looking for the open man and when you close out on the open man, you have to deal with the pressure Tony Parker is going to compel on you. He will run around the court until he gets his shot or get it down in the post to the best power forward In the league. Three out of four times Tim Duncan will finish at the rim, if not kick it to the top three-point shooters.
This team is so defensively sound. They can play man on man, active hands, slide their feet. The most surprising fact about this team is that they can run. They can get up and down the court; with Tony Parker the spurs easily get in to transition. Scoring off your miss, scoring off a steal, scoring off your missed opportunities.
So it comes to the point that you have to slow down Tony Parker, However he's one of the fastest point guards in the league.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Tonight's game has nothing to do with the standings, nothing to do with moving up a seat but for the heart of LA. Who is really the best in LA?
For the past couple of generations its been all Kobe Bean Bryant, and as for the lakers winning 7 of their last 10 games without a scoring eruption coming from Kobe. I believe we all know what to expect from the clippers, which is a massive amount of points, lobs and toughness.
The Lakers don't have clippers chemistry just yet or will they ever? Can the lakers be tough on both ends of the ball? Metta World Peace can't be the only player getting up close and personal with players. Dwight Howard has to own that color section called the paint in order to make any type of push moving forward and that's that. Whenever Pau comes back they have to get better not worst or its over for their season. Each laker need to take a page from Earl Clark's scoring and physical defensive ability.
I see the LAKERS stealing hearts tonight!!
Happy Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I don't Kobe Bryant will ever admit defeat and because he didn't they're inching closer to the 8th. Maybe the rockets will give them a chance, maybe the jazz don't have what it takes, hopefully Portland just fall apart. Is this not what LA is hoping for?
Kobe Bryant already switched his tactics from the usual heavy dose of points to I got to get everyone involved to win. This is why Kobe Bryant is still the biggest threat in this league. Kobe Bryant's game will changes more then the channel, so how do you game plan for that? When you never know what you going to get.
Now LA is winning that's good but what's going on in the third quarters of those games? Is their a lineup adjustment that has to be made or what? Should lakers make a trade?
What's it going to take to say Kobe 6th is coming this year.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


The Baltimore Ravens have another tough AFC championship game. The only difference this year, it might be Ray Lewis last. After overcoming red hot Denver with 11 straight wins wasn't enough to shadow Lewis's 14 tackles.
Now the golden kid Tom Brady, is he more frightening to face then Ray Lewis?
This game is to close to even pick a winner. The Ravens offense is also lock and loaded, the question is what patriots defense is going to surface?

Monday, January 7, 2013



I'm not holding anything against Robert Griffin base on his last performance. This kid had maybe one of his best careers to come. RG3 is show time!
I believe if healthy in that game against that other stud Russell Wilson, the game might have been extremely different.
He's out of the race now however, you might not want to run into this playmaker at all next year.
I'm looking for Washington to putting more around him in the near future. I see free agents and players coming to the end of their contracts looking to be teammates with this new face and future of the NFL.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013



I'm going to make this easy for everyone. Monta Ellis!
The last few games from Wade just been horrible to watch. He's blowing layups, dunks, it seem like the closer he gets to the basket the less affective he is.
Dwayne Wade needs to seriously think about getting a 3pt shot. The only thing going for this man is his defense, unless hes trying to be remember as a good defensive player he needs to delevope his game to scoring the basket. Monta Ellis is getting better as what it look like Wade falling apart.


Saturday, December 29, 2012



I'm impressed but need to see more. I understand that this team is showtime, I understand that points come easy and in a hurry. Blake on the break is a for sure two points just as well as Lebron.
Its something I cant put my finger on to say, it isn't rings at the end of this streak.


For the whole month of december they havent played anyone, the only game I've seen to be worthy of an applause was against the Rose-less bulls.The month of december was the greatest gift given to the Clippers. They also get a New Years gift because they don't play a quality playoff picture team until the January 2nd and that match up is fairly easy for Chris Paul and company.
The biggest thing with me and the Clippers is they have to beat somebody worth talking.

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