Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I don't Kobe Bryant will ever admit defeat and because he didn't they're inching closer to the 8th. Maybe the rockets will give them a chance, maybe the jazz don't have what it takes, hopefully Portland just fall apart. Is this not what LA is hoping for?
Kobe Bryant already switched his tactics from the usual heavy dose of points to I got to get everyone involved to win. This is why Kobe Bryant is still the biggest threat in this league. Kobe Bryant's game will changes more then the channel, so how do you game plan for that? When you never know what you going to get.
Now LA is winning that's good but what's going on in the third quarters of those games? Is their a lineup adjustment that has to be made or what? Should lakers make a trade?
What's it going to take to say Kobe 6th is coming this year.

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