Thursday, February 14, 2013


Tonight's game has nothing to do with the standings, nothing to do with moving up a seat but for the heart of LA. Who is really the best in LA?
For the past couple of generations its been all Kobe Bean Bryant, and as for the lakers winning 7 of their last 10 games without a scoring eruption coming from Kobe. I believe we all know what to expect from the clippers, which is a massive amount of points, lobs and toughness.
The Lakers don't have clippers chemistry just yet or will they ever? Can the lakers be tough on both ends of the ball? Metta World Peace can't be the only player getting up close and personal with players. Dwight Howard has to own that color section called the paint in order to make any type of push moving forward and that's that. Whenever Pau comes back they have to get better not worst or its over for their season. Each laker need to take a page from Earl Clark's scoring and physical defensive ability.
I see the LAKERS stealing hearts tonight!!
Happy Valentines Day

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