Friday, February 22, 2013

MVP MVP! Tony Parker??

I know one thing Lebron James is playing like a mad man. Well in that case so is Tony Parker all 20 pounds of him. We talked about Lebron last ten games. However, Parker's last ten games average out to be 27 points, 8.7 assist and shooting 61% from the floor. Isn't this Lebron like numbers and if so doesn't this place him in 2nd place for the MVP race?
What about the best point guard right now, Would you say Tony Parker or Chris Paul? This question is still hard to judge because I clearly see that Tony Parker has the better team but the better point guard is still yet to be determined. I can say that Chris Paul has the overall toughness over Tony Parker. However Tony Parker has the quickness over Chris Paul, has the basic fundamentals, perfectly sound going to the basket and just simply getting his teammates involved.
It will be extremely hard trying to stop the Spurs because they're looking for the open man and when you close out on the open man, you have to deal with the pressure Tony Parker is going to compel on you. He will run around the court until he gets his shot or get it down in the post to the best power forward In the league. Three out of four times Tim Duncan will finish at the rim, if not kick it to the top three-point shooters.
This team is so defensively sound. They can play man on man, active hands, slide their feet. The most surprising fact about this team is that they can run. They can get up and down the court; with Tony Parker the spurs easily get in to transition. Scoring off your miss, scoring off a steal, scoring off your missed opportunities.
So it comes to the point that you have to slow down Tony Parker, However he's one of the fastest point guards in the league.

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