Wednesday, December 26, 2012



The return of Steve Nash is what they needed regardless of how poor the defensive end was.It absolutely picked up when Nash put the whole team at a solid pace they where comfortable with. As of last night, im going to say this right now Pau Gasol isnt going anywhere.Kobe Bean Bryant can score 30 everynight at this pace, Steve Nash is making Metta World Peace a threat as he did with Shawn Marion. Dwight Howards moral is up so he going to pick up his points, rebounding, free throw percentage up.Meeks is just waiting to errupt.
This Laker team all year was just trying to figure out how to play and where guys best fit. Why wouldnt anyone in they right mind wouldnt believe their defense wasnt going to get better, they held a 102 point per game team to 94 points. They average 102.5 theirselves, do the math and thats a win every night of the week


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